Over the last five years we have trained over 1000 teachers of English as a foreign language, the majority of them came to us on their year out from British and American universities. 

As from 2015 we have teamed up with “HANDS ON TEFL” in order to offer a certification which will enable the applicants to find work after graduation if they should chose to do so. This course is a comprehensive course on how to teach English as a foreign language, the details of this course can be found by clicking on the following links.

Also in 2015 we are offering to our interns a more intensive course of four two hour “one to one” Spanish lessons per week.

The other benefit from our course is the availability of free accommodation.

Up until now we have relied on agencies such as “Spain internship”. to find candidates for us however as the nature of the working  internship has become more academic we would prefer to select our own candidates  direct from universities.

Here is a list of the universities where our interns studied.

If your university is interested in helping us allocate our intern positions could you please contact us for further information.

 University of Surrey

University of Salford
 Brunel University London
University of Oxford
Aston University
Queen Mary, University of London
Manchester Metropolitan University
 University of Liverpool
 University of Nottingham
 New Castle University
 University of Hull
 University of Bristol
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
 University of Glasgow
 University of Bath
 University of Limerick

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