Now is the best time to teach English in Spain


English is the widest spoken language in the world; there are a high percentage of foreigners desperate to learn and therefore a high demand for native English teachers.

Spain is the worst performer of English in Western Europe. This could be due to the fact that the Spanish language is widely spoken throughout the world and so the Spanish already speak a useful international language. Compared to northern Europe with languages such as Dutch and Swedish, which doesn’t have much use else ware and there is more of an obligation to learn English.

In Spain, all of the programs shown on TV are dubbed, unlike other European countries which have the original in English and subtitles – which is a great way to learn a new language. Cinemas have the same arrangement, however recently, there are new cinemas showing OV (original version) which are becoming more popular.

The recent crisis in Spain has seen a big rise in unemployment with the current rate at 24.1% (September 2014). This has made is very difficult for many people to find work at the moment. Speaking English is becoming more and more popular with young people and to be a good candidate for jobs, it is necessary.

A large number of Spaniards have recently started emigrating to European countries to find work. English is often a necessity to live abroad even if it is not the native language. The UK is a big hotspot for Spaniards looking for work in another country as a Spanish teacher, working in Spanish bars and restaurants and a great deal more.

Over the past few years, Spain has opened up a number of bilingual schools throughout the country with a more affordable price than the private schools and private lessons. These schools teach the English curriculum and generally 30-50% of their lessons are in English. There is a big demand for native English speakers in these schools meaning a lot of new jobs for expats. Adults who missed out in school are also playing catch up and investing time and money into private or academy classes.

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