lesson 33 b

Examples of the relative clause and relative pronouns

  1. It is not the easiest grammar point I will give you some examples.
  2.  Who is for people and sometimes pet animals.
  3. Peter phoned the Parentswho then phoned the son.
  4. Which is used for animals and things.
  5. We drove past my old schoolwhich is closing down this year
  6. That can be used for people, animals, and things but is informal
  7. He went to the school (that) my father went to.
  8. Whose is possessive and is used for mainly people and animals.
  9. There was me and there was Katewhose birthday party it was.
  10. Whom is used in written form instead of who, if who is the object.
  11. Drama in colleges is very good for students for whom English is a second language.

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