TOEFL VOCABULARY 499 most important words


500 most important words for b2 level

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  affinitya natural attraction or feelingof kinship fledglingyoung andinexperienced hackneyedoverused clichedincessantnever stopping opulencewealthas evidenced by sumptuous living a natural attraction or feeling ofkinshipaffinityyoung and inexperiencedfledglingoverused clichedhackneyednever stoppingincessantwealth as evidenced by sumptuous livingopulenceproximity nearness closeness sagaciouswise and keen possessing a practicalsense shrewd supplant to take the placeof superseded unassailable impossible todispute or disprove undeniablevoluminous large in volume or bulknearness closenessproximitywise and keen possessing a practicalsense shrewdsagaciousto take the place of supercedesupplantimpossible to dispute or disproveundeniableunassailablelarge in volume or bulkvoluminousbrusque abrupt blunt with no formalitiesdispassionate impartial calm free fromemotion effervescent bubbly lively indefeating Abel tireless untiring showingno sign of getting tired misanthropesomeone who dislikes people in generalabrupt blunt with no formalitiesbrusqueimpartial come free from emotiondispassionatebubbly livelyeffervescenttireless untiring showing no sign ofgetting tiredindefatigablesomeone who dislikes people in generalmisanthropebrevity concisenessshortness of duration clemency mercyhumane ‘less mildness moderate nicefrivolous not serious in content orattitude or behavior heist commit aburglary Lampoon ridicule with satireconciseness shortness of durationbrother teamerci humaneness mildness moderate niceclemencynot serious in content or attitude orbehaviorWilliscommit a burglaryheistridicule with satireLampoonmorose gloomy sullen nonchalanceindifference a showing of littleinterest progeny descendants offspringchildren stoic seeming unaffected bypleasure or pain voracious having a hugeappetite greedy ravenous excessivelyeagergloomy sullenmoroseindifference a showing of littleinterestJalandescendants offspring childrenprogenyseeming unaffected by pleasure or painstoichaving a huge appetite greedy ravenousexcessively eagervoraciouscoalesce combine fuse decadence declinedecay or deterioration a condition orperiod of decline or decay exemplaryoutstanding an example to othersexuberance joyful enthusiasm incidentalnot essential minor combine fusecoalescedecline decay or deterioration acondition or period of decline or decaydecadenceoutstanding an example to othersexemplaryjoyful enthusiasmexuberancenot essential minorincidentalinsolvent unable to pay bills bankruptparsimonious excessively thrifty stingyprodigal wasteful a person given toextravagance surreptitious secretstealthy rive twist in coils contort inpain unable to pay bills bankruptinsolventexcessively thrifty stingyparsimoniouswasteful a person given to extravaganceprodigalsecret stealthysurreptitioustwist in poles in toward and painrightquerulous inclined to complain irritablereproach a mild rebuke or criticismrespite a pause for relaxation torporsluggishness inactivity drowsinessunscathed wholly unharmed not injuredinclined to complain irritablequerulousa mild rebuke or criticisma pause for relaxationrespitesluggishness inactivity drowsinesstorporwholly unharmed not injuredunscathedcopious large in number or quantitydearth alack scarcity of famine eloquentpersuasive and moving speech jargonspecialized technical terminologycharacteristic of a particular subjectlevity lightness of manner large innumber or quantitycopiousalack scarcity of faminedearthpersuasive and moving speecheloquentspecialized technical terminologycharacteristic of a particular subjectjargonlightness of mannerlevitymeander to wind and turn whileproceeding in a course peripheralmarginal outer substantiate to establishby evidence prove unobtrusive acting ina manner that does not attract attentionvacillate to sway from side to sideoscillateto wind and turn while proceeding in acoursemeandermarginal outerperipheralto establish by evidence proveto substantiateacting in a manner that does not attractattentionunobstructedto sway from one side to the otheroscillatevacillateEnglish (auto-generated)