Reading Comprehension B1/B2 1 Spyware

SPYWARE Reading Comprehension B1/B2

Sometimes we install seemingly innocent programs on our computers, but unbeknown to us there are other programs waiting to be installed at the same time which are not so innocent. Some pieces of software just annoy us with adverts that fortunately we can get rid of easily, but others can harm our computers or even our bank accounts by giving away crucial information about us. Let’s take a deeper look at this software.


The biggest problem with Spyware that makes it most irritating is that it places itself on your computer without you ever knowing. Spyware works away in the backend of your computer to the point where your computer system will become sluggish. You won’t know it is there unless you either do a check for viruses or spyware, or you notice it listed on your program register.


Most spyware will just give up when it is found, you just have to uninstall it, scan your computer for more of them using remover software and then your computer is clean. However there are some spyware programs which make it intentionally difficult for you to remove, the hackers are sometimes not only spiteful but obstinate! Don’t ask me why, as they say ” it takes all sorts”.


Spyware earns its title because it monitors your browser. In other words, all of the websites that you view are taken note of by the Spyware so that it can learn your diversions, activities, and even online buys. With this data, the Spyware can forward tailored notices to your PC.


Pop up ads are likely the most bothersome aspect of being infected. The notices can pop up on the exterior of a web browser, or source from the webpage. Third party advertisers hire these programmers to exhibit their notices to a specific group.


This software can also harvest your personal details off your computer, or the websites where you fill in your details. Websites have named areas where you put your details, the software can recognize you are putting your address in by the name of this area and remember it to transmit later.


People online can make money by directing you to sites of interest, which then pay the person who sent you there by tracking the process using cookies (all legit). Now, these scammers can replace the cookies with their own (highly illegal) so that honest hard-working people online are cheated out of their money.


It is not all doom and gloom, there are programs out there that are perfectly legitimate and harmless, like the Alexa toolbar which I have on my computer. I allow it to track my activities willingly and I know it is safe. However sadly 95% of the software out there has ulterior motives and can be used to steal from and manipulate you, that is why there are calls to ban this scourge completely.

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